Tor operator raided in Finland

dr._no at dr._no at
Mon Jan 28 19:24:02 UTC 2008


> dr._no at wrote:
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> > If someone would ask me for a password, i would spam, tell wrong
> > passwords, to waste his time, which could be used to ask others for
> > passwords ;-)
> (snip)
> If the authorities tried to get encryption passphrases out of me - and I
> didn't want them to have them - I would go for the "I forgot"
> alternative. They are pretty huge, after all.

yes, and what i meant is "wasting as much time as possible", so after about a dozen 
of wrong passwords it should be clear that i can't/will not tell the right one and that's the 
right time to say that the password is forgotten.
For this i have several never used passwords for confusing; e. g. "secret" because 
a password should be secret and "common" passwords are simple ;-)

On my PC with the TOR server i've got a self-made sticker (with signature, date and stamp)
which says that a TOR server is running on this PC since some years and with a short
explanation of TOR and that ALL log files do get deleted every day by overwriting before
unlinking and some other stuff on that PC.
Even if it does not help against raiding, it helps getting the hardware back earlier and close
the case soon, because the observers are looking for something like a dokument to 
close the case or find evidences. But after a first look, they see that there are really no
evidences and the only wise action is to close the case.


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