Tor operator raided in Finland

Matthew MacGregor umgregor at
Mon Jan 28 19:10:09 UTC 2008

I have no knowledge of the fact, but is there not some provision in the laws 
of any countries with these crypto laws to deal with the, "I forgot" 
defense. Because I can see every single person being asked for their 
passphrase to use this defense. Hell, I know I would...

--- Matthew

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>> If someone would ask me for a password, i would spam, tell wrong
>> passwords, to waste his time, which could be used to ask others for
>> passwords ;-)
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> If the authorities tried to get encryption passphrases out of me - and I
> didn't want them to have them - I would go for the "I forgot"
> alternative. They are pretty huge, after all.
> I just don't trust the state of the law, as for trying to group not
> divulging passphrases with the 5th Amendment and similar laws. There's a
> good chance, IMO, it'll end up being put with the 4th and not the 5th,
> unfortunately.
> My passphrasses are humongous, so it's quite plausible that they could
> be forgotten. It's happened before...
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