How to remove some useless nodes

John Kimble det.j.kimble at
Mon Jan 28 07:14:38 UTC 2008

On Jan 27, 2008 11:08 AM, Kraktus <kraktus at> wrote:
> You can add
> ExcludeNodes NodeName1, NodeName2
> to your torrc, where the NodeName1, etc. are the names of Chinese exit
> nodes that you are aware of.  However, you much disallow each Chinese
> node separately; you can't exclude by country.
A crude approach would be to write a script that checks
[vidalia-config-directory]\geoip-cache for IP addresses located in
China, and then extract fingerprints of the Tor nodes on those IPs
from [tor-config-directory]\cached-descriptors to build up your
"ExcludeNodes" list.

The enclosed perl script does just this. It should be self-explanatory
enough. It produces one "ExcludeNodes" line to be included in your
torrc file.

Instead of the geoip-cache file, you can also use country IP blocks
from to match IP to country.

Yet another alternative using public tor status pages was discussed on
this list:

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