directory authority/authorities need(s) updating?

Dominik Schaefer schaedpq2 at
Sun Jan 27 20:02:28 UTC 2008

Scott Bennett schrieb:
> The latest consensus file appears to have listed as
> a recommended server version, but not or,
> even though it still lists,, and
>  Also, the individual status documents are still in
> considerable disagreement with each other.  Are the directory authority
> operators getting careless?
Mhmm. I think, 16-alpha missed a file in the release and 17-alpha had a huge 
memory leak, I think, it is sane no to recommend them.
18-alpha is different, but it is quite new, I would not be surprised if it is 
recommended not until a few days in the wild, but I don't know the policy 
about that.

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