How to run an exit node and not getting raided by police?

Dominik Schaefer schaedpq2 at
Sun Jan 27 09:30:21 UTC 2008

maillist schrieb:
> How to avoid that nasty raid (at you home) and that oh so sweet paranoid
> feeling after that? Any ideas?

> Running exit node on computer that is physically located at some ISP's
> server farm?
Well, that is probably better than running it at home. But there were cases in 
germany, when they came anyway to the home of the node admin and took the 
personal hardware away in addition to the hostet server.
The lawyer of the CCC reported, they they even asked his bank about him 
several times, although he is not the admin or registered contact for the 
server, but only pays the bills for the machine.

> Renting a server from a different country, maybe a whole different
> continent and running exit node there? If you live in Europe and your
> country belongs to EU then maybe outside of EU? What would be a "good"
> country? How about service providers? - Maybe a good idea?
If you can afford it and can pay anonymously, that is definitely a good idea. ;-)

> PTR records (reverse dns)? Ip that translates to something like
> or Are the cops smart enough? Do
> they care? (I don't personally think that they care or understand.)
Well, I think, it helps a bit. Probably you should also run a web server on 
port 80 on the node and have some disclaimer page with explanations of Tor an 
anonymizers and an abuse contact on the page. The CCC reported, that it helped 

> Running a exit node on computer owned by some "civilrights group"?
Yes, that is also a very good idea. There are some groups in germany (CCC, 
Foebud, some others) which run quite big exit nodes. They have a an abuse 
contact on a dedicated phone, email address, a laywer who takes over in case 
of problems and so on.
If you fear problems with an own exit node, it may be a good idea to donate 
money to these organizations (for this dedicated purpose) and run a middle-man 
node yourself.
Ah, if you understand german, than you can watch and listen to a presentation 
on the CCCongress 2007, where the people running CCCs anonymizers reported 
about their experiences with law enforcement during the last 2 years:

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