Tor operator raided in Finland

Dominik Schaefer schaedpq2 at
Sun Jan 27 09:12:04 UTC 2008

dr._no at schrieb:
> if you use a transparent proxy plus a provider proxy as parent proxy for
> your TOR server, you can simply avoid that ;-) To be absolutely sure, you
> can restrict the TOR output to port 80 and and use transparent http
> proxying to port 80, plus a provider proxy as parent proxy.
I disagree here. Provider proxies usually keep their request logs and they are 
fully able to find out from which customer IP the request originated. So, 
sure, the police asks the provider for the customer of their proxy IP. The 
provider will not be dumb and notice, that is one of his own IPs and will 
quite probably tell the police about the proxy and that they can find out the 
customer (and eventually do so).
You add a layer of obscurity, but you are not absolutely sure.

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