Tor operator raided in Finland

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Sun Jan 27 02:23:54 UTC 2008

> maillist wrote:
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> > They took all my computers and tried
> > to take my UPS before I convinced them that it's not a computer.
> No offense, but... LMAO! That's just sad; they can't tell a computer
> from a UPS...


i also thought about it and it's possible to e. g. to hide a WLAN or powerline NAS in a wall,
but that's expensive and i do prefer encryption - even for all of my backups
and my backup in the safe-deposit box.
That does cost nothing (except some performance, some seconds for creation an the password 
for mounting) and it's save. 
And i've read reportsthat the police sometimes also takes printers and other PC stuff, so an
UPS is not a good idea.

Currently i'm putting my root file system on an USB key, following the encrypted root filesystem
howto, in a partition of type 0 (officially empty).
And if you use a small USB key, e. g. an Sony Micro Vault Tiny, you can hide it nearly everywhere,
because it's so small:

If you have small children, you first should make sure that it can not get swallowed ;-)

If someone, e. g. a judge or policeman, asks you for the password you can simply forget it or say that due to
the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, article 14, paragraph 3,  chapter g, you
can not be forced to tell someone else the password:
So asking for a password is a suspect trick, because since the romans the principle that you can't be 
compelled to testify against yourself or to confess, e. g. by telling someone else a password, is standard
and known as "nemo tenetur se ipsum accusare".
So if someone forces you to give a password it is highly illegal a) du to international law, b) against more
than more than 2000 years of jurisdiction, c) against the freedom of thought (a password which is created
by your brain is only a thought) and several other constitutional principles.
In germany the "nemo tenetur se ipsum accusare" is specified as STPO Paragraph 55.

Another point is that a good password is hard to create; therefore you can reclaim the international 
copyright for your good passwords.

If someone would ask me for a password, i would spam, tell wrong passwords, to waste his time, which could
be used to ask others for passwords ;-)


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