Child pornography blocking again

tor-operator at tor-operator at
Sat Jan 26 22:44:48 UTC 2008

Kraktus wrote:

> Tor already has censorship hooks.  Tor nodes are already in
> control of their own exit policies.  Certain ports are already
> blocked by default.
> This would simply provide Tor nodes with another tool to
> control what leaves their nodes.  And if Tor nodes didn't want
> to use it, they wouldn't have to.


I would assert a disagreement here, and indicate that "exitpolicy" is a 
*traffic* obstruction hook, not a censorship hook.

Key different: the ExitPolicy strictly works on the basis of the Layer3/Layer4 
target address.  Your proposed censorship hook seems to require a continually 
updated set of blocks on the basis of content.  ExitPolicy can't tell an HTTP 
connection for wikipedia from an HTTP connection for a bit image.  Please see 
a reasonable reference for "usenet death penalty" if this is in any way 

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