How to run an exit node and not getting raided by police?

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Sat Jan 26 21:31:29 UTC 2008

As far as I know tor operators have been raided in Germany and Finland
by ignorant cops who does not know anything about proxies or that one ip
does not mean "one person" (ever heard of NAT, proxying or routing for
example). How about other countries?

How to avoid that nasty raid (at you home) and that oh so sweet paranoid
feeling after that? Any ideas?

How about following (just my two cents):

Running exit node on computer that is physically located at some ISP's
server farm?

Renting a server from a different country, maybe a whole different
continent and running exit node there? If you live in Europe and your
country belongs to EU then maybe outside of EU? What would be a "good"
country? How about service providers? - Maybe a good idea?

PTR records (reverse dns)? Ip that translates to something like or Are the cops smart enough? Do
they care? (I don't personally think that they care or understand.)

Running exit node at local library's poorly secured computer? - That
ain't nice and it's illegal - no.

Running a exit node on computer owned by some "civilrights group"?

Encryption? Is it good or bad if cops take your servers? If you give
your keys to cops they can check that there ain't no cp. If your hard
drive is not encrypted police can check it easily. What about privacy?
Police tends to take all the computers and not just the one(s) running tor.

What about encrypted container in encrypted fs's slack space for your
private data? Then one can hand the outer volumes keys to police without
any worries.

And for my poor english.. Hope you all understand what I write =).

Good day to you all!


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