TrackHostExits, dns-proxy-tor

funks at funks at
Sat Jan 26 21:24:45 UTC 2008

I set up TransPort and dns-proxy-tor and some firewall rules to 
create an anonymized physical network.  This works well.  I can set 
up a little machine and not put any personal information on it and 
not worry about privoxy and JavaScript holes and all that.

I want to use TrackHostExits or MapAddress to prevent my outside IP 
from changing to particular hosts.  They use cookies tied to the IP 
for my login.  My IP changing constantly makes me get logged out 
over and over, sometimes at very inopportune times.

This won't work for me.  I think it's a conflict between dns-proxy-
tor's use of mappings and TrackHostExits/MapAddress.  With 
TrackHostExits, I never see new entries show up in GETINFO addr-
mappings/all, which it looks on a cursory inspection of 
consider_recording_trackhost that I should.  I only see dns-proxy-
tor's entries show up.  MapAddress just doesn't do anything (the 
entry I make shows up in the list, but is not used).

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