dr._no at dr._no at
Thu Jan 24 18:28:46 UTC 2008


> >it's possible to use e. g. an open WLAN from a neighbor for your
> >TOR server and in most countries that's be legal, e. g. in=20
> >Germany.
> >But for working behind NAT the program has to be optimized, like skype,
> >and as far as i know, TOR is not made for working behind NAT.
> >
>      Why would you think that? 

The ORPort of the TOR server must be reachable from the outside but behind
NAT you need port forwarding for this.
Therefore you can use a TOR client behind NAT but not a TOR server.
Or did i missed something?

> Have you bothered to read the documentation?

No; i've read it some time ago and that's why i wrote "as far as i know".


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