Child pornography blocking again

Ben Wilhelm zorba-tor at
Thu Jan 24 12:49:33 UTC 2008

Kraktus wrote:
> I realise, of course, there are problems with this.

* Use of effort that could be spent other places
* Possible legal liability issues
* Cries of "you're blocking child porn, why not also block warez/hate 
speech/freenet/political propoganda that I don't like"
* Every single problem that comes along with trying to maintain a 
blacklist, including malicious submissions, manpower, filtering

And, the biggest problems to my mind:

* If the blacklist is stored on some central server, creating a very 
nice system where people must report what they're browsing to a central 
* If the blacklist is stored in a downloadable form of any kind, 
effectively making a *list of child pornography sites*

The second might be avoidable through some clever hashing, but that 
simultaneously eliminates any sort of accountability or auditability, 
and as much as I like the Tor guys I don't want them to be able to knock 
entire sites off the Tor network.

(I'm also kind of entertained at the idea of a privacy group saying, 
effectively, "okay now that our behavior is no longer trackable please 
send us all the kiddieporn sites you know of thanks in advance".)


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