Konqueror & SOCKS with Tor+Privoxy

Ned Bun electricshrimp at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 19 23:47:36 UTC 2008

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the link & info. I've visited dozens of the pages with
information on how to setup SOCKS in Firefox on Windows and Linux, but
nothing on Konqueror settings, as they differ in the SOCKS setting. In
the SOCKS configuration area within Konqueror, it looks like this:

[ ] Enable SOCKS Support

SOCKS Implementation
[ ] Auto detect [ ] NEC SOCKS [ ] Dante
[ ] Use custom library
Path: ____________________

Additional Library Search Paths (section with Path and fields)

Add / Remove / Test buttons

I'm not sure what to enter on this page should I enable SOCKS support
here. Enabling with the Auto detect item selected doesn't work, should
I enable the Use custom library option, what would the path be,
please? If this matter could be solved it would add to the official
FAQ some valuable information I've not found elsewhere.

I would guess it's rather uncommon for people to use Konqueror with Tor+Privoxy?

On 1/19/08, Roger Dingledine <arma at mit.edu> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 19, 2008 at 03:31:51PM -0800, Ned Bun wrote:
> > I can't find an answer to this question anywhere.
> You might find
> https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-doc-web
> to be useful.
> > In using Konqueror with Tor and Privoxy, should the SOCKS settings in
> > Konqueror's Settings->Configure Konqueror->Proxy->SOCKS be configured
> > in some way? It seems to work fine without the SOCKS section
> > configured, but leaving the "Enable SOCKS support" box unchecked
> > disturbs me slightly. Should this section need configuration if
> > everything appears to be working? Why are instructions for Firefox for
> > SOCKS always specified but when it comes to Konqueror, no one says
> > anything about the SOCKS configuration area?
> You should configure the socks part too. The reason is that browsers
> have a habit of supporting all sorts of weird protocols besides http and
> https, and if some webpage gives you (over Tor) a link that points to
> one of those other protocols, then your browser will fetch it without
> going through any proxies. If you specify a socks proxy, your browser
> should [*] use the socks proxy for all other protocols.
> (I say "should" because I have no idea what bugs konqueror has where
> it decides it's smarter than you and shouldn't use a proxy for some
> situation.)
> --Roger

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