libevent & tor

Ned Bun electricshrimp at
Sat Jan 19 23:37:45 UTC 2008

Hi Roger, thank you.

I'm using libevent 1.3b-0 with the latest stable version of Tor, and
without going further into platform details, I would venture to guess
it's probably fine according to your response, I've seen no errors but
in compiling for myself I've grown accustomed to always having the
most recent versions of dependencies, but haven't seen anyone else in
their compiling notes mention using the latest version of libevent.
When looking at some of the recent updates in changelogs for libevent,
I was concerned not having the latest version would be an issue
somewhere, even if errors didn't crop up, as some of the updates in
more recent versions than mine look especially important.

Thanks for all you do!

On 1/19/08, Roger Dingledine <arma at> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 19, 2008 at 03:26:44PM -0800, Ned Bun wrote:
> > When I compile new versions of stable or alpha Tor, should I ensure I
> > have the latest version of libevent, or use the current, always
> > outdated, version of libevent from my Linux distro's repo? Are there
> > any disadvantages to not using the latest libevent from the official
> > libevent homepage?
> It depends just how outdated your libevent is.
> And what platform you're running it on, which dictates what
> system call it prefers to use: select, poll, kqueue, etc.
> Tor tries to warn you if it sees a combination of a platform and
> libevent version that it knows is especially bad:
> see check_libevent_version() in src/or/config.c
> But if you're encountering problems and you're using an old libevent,
> upgrading your libevent is often a good place to start.
> --Roger

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