attachstream via control port, permission denied? [FIXED]

Jon McLachlan mcla0181 at
Fri Jan 18 17:14:10 UTC 2008

Ahh, I have discovered what was causing this issue.  The [ip]:[port] 
location was a service running on the Exit OR.  I believe setting the 
configuration variable,

ExitPolicyRejectPrivate 0

fixed the problem reported below.

Best Regards,

Jon McLachlan wrote:
> Running, version, I am...
> 1) extend one new tunnel, of length 2 through (1st hop) OR w/ 
> purpose=bridge, (2nd hop) OR w/ purpose=controller
> Note, Tor indicates one built circuit of length 2:
> 250-circuit-status=50 BUILT $[some-hex-value],$[some-other-hex-value]
> 250 OK
> 2) connecting to Tor via privoxy with an http request,
> Note, Tor indicates a stream-request (unattached):
> 250-stream-status=27 NEW 0 [some-ip]:[some-port]
> 250 OK
> 3)  Attempt to manually attach the stream to the circuit by sending 
> via the controlPort (I've also noticed that it will not automatically 
> attach the stream):
> To Tor:  ATTACHSTREAM 27 50
> From Tor:  555 Connection is not managed by controller.
> From these, it almost seems like because the Tor controller did not 
> init the stream, that the attach is rejected.  It doesn't seem like 
> streams have purposes, but do they?  Might I need to set the purpose 
> of the new stream to purpose=controller?  If this is not the case, 
> maybe there is a way that the controller could init a special stream?
> As always, any comments or advice would be most valuable and very much 
> appreciated :)
> Best Regards,
> ~Jon

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