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dr._no at dr._no at
Tue Jan 15 18:11:32 UTC 2008


> Is there any censorship of internet in your country? otherwise you need not 
> use tor.

that's wrong: TOR also countermeasures traffic analysis and other sorts of information
That's why i'm using TOR also for IRC and ICQ. 
To countermeasure taking a public IP number e. g. from an email header into a log file 
via an editor (e. g. for impeaching for terrorism or child porn or something else) it's also
necessary not to use your public IP number directly.

Another point is that i licensed no one to see my public IP number and that no one pays
for seeing my public IP number.
If someone, except my provider, wants to see my public IP number, he has to pay 1 Euro 
per IP number plus 1 Euro per day.

And pages like are no problem: I've got some neighbors with open WLANs
and there are also thousands of open proxies in the internet.

By the way: I switched to changing my public IP number only five times per day (every second
metric hour).


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