Question about TOR and IIS - Also hello!

Chris Burge burgechris at
Tue Jan 15 15:10:32 UTC 2008

Ok...I've been running a relay on Windows (XP, Vista and Server 2003) for
the past year.  I hope this is the right list I can post this on.  Either
way, I a m looking to become more involved with TOR
(donations/development/etc) given that none of the leading presidential
candidates (except Huckabee or Ron Paul who are both lagging in the
polls) in the US seem to be worried about privacy, Real ID and etc..

I am now ready to try and run a hidden service on my Server 2003 box
(specificly IIS) but have failed miserably.  I'm stuck with IIS for now as I
have always been a Microsoft developer (hey brings food to the table) and am
not currently confident in running Apache at this time with IIS (only one
box at this time).  Essentially, I want to run IIS with a mixture of sites
using TOR and not using TOR.  I had imagined I would use my onion routing
address in the host headers of the site I want TOR packets to hit while
other sites would naturally take regular packets.  Does anyone have a clue
as to what I'm trying to do and how I might solve it?  I'm not interested in
moving to Apache at this time until I'm more confident with it and with a
cms such as TYPO3.

Either way, looking forward to get heavily involved.

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