Possible attack method?? Question..

Anon Mus a_green_lantern at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 14:56:50 UTC 2008

Watson Ladd wrote:
> Anon Mus wrote:
>> This question is for those with the knowhow.
>> A while back I got a number of emails from the same source where the

>> emails were sent in "pairs" a minute or less apart.
>> The first of each of the "email pair" were large (over 
>> 700characters), the second were small (under 50 characters). On the 
>> face of it the "email pairs"  appeared to be a genuine error ("oh
>> I forgot to mention" kind of thing) by the sender, so I took no 
>> notice at the time.
> One thing to improve anonymity for emails is to use anonymous 
> remailers. Slow, but email generally is, and it is more secure then 
> Tor because of latency-security tradeoff.
Yes what you say is probably true for someone who is engaged in 
terrorism, pedophilia, or anti-rule of law activities (unfortunately I 
must add here those engaged in leaking government secrets - no matter 
what the cause).

But for people like myself who simply help identify criminals - then I 
would have thought that tor is enough anonymity. If not, then we would 
have to conclude that our governments are all controlled by some group 
of criminals and that these would try to identify "snitches" to protect

themselves. IMHO, if we are already at this level of international 
government corruption then we must surely be in the period foretold of 
nearly 2000 years ago - of days when the 2/3rds of humanity are
and the beast is in control. Of course, this is speculation (?? or did 
someone 200 years ago know the "modus operandii" of this criminal 
group). Slightly off topic I know, but none-the-less relevant to the 
subject. Maybe it s just paranoia or are all the pieces now beginning

Thankyou to all that replied.


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