Why is TorButton and not FoxyProxy so much supported by the tor project?

Jo blipwart at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 06:49:22 UTC 2008

On 10/01/2008, kazaam <kazaam at oleco.net> wrote:
> With TorButton I see many problems:
>  * People use Tor and surfe the web. They then wanna visit a page they trust and switch off TorButton. On this page they visit a link or so and forget about not using tor anymore and are possibly redirected to somewhere they don't want to be visible.
>  * Someone visits a webpage he thinks he can trust without tor but the domain went down before and is now redirecting to some jerks. Something similar happend with dl.am a few weeks ago..
>  * Or some xss is going on and some hostile webserver gets their IP through an iframe and kinds of that.
>  * Surfing two websites, one with tor and the other not at the same time is nearly impossible with torbutton. I know I can start loading a page with torbutton and then deactivate torbutton and start loading another page and the first one still loads to the end with using tor but at the moment I wanna click a link there I'm fucked...

Never used Foxy Proxy so I can't compare, but just for a slightly
different perspective ...

Points 1&4: I use multiple Firefox profiles - one for Tor, others for
various different categories of sites (trusted, non-trusted, GMail,
...) which have different security settings.  Means more memory/disk
use but also clearly delineates usage.  At least in my mind.

Points 2&3: I run two instances on Privoxy - one for Tor, one for
everything else.  Again, more memory/disk, but worth the effort.

I like the idea of knowing exactly how a browser instance is going to
connect to a web server, without having to remember whether or not
I've previously white listed it.


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