RemoteControl dev trouble (510 Unrecognized command)

Jon McLachlan mcla0181 at
Sun Jan 13 06:44:51 UTC 2008


I have been having some trouble with a python based Tor controller.  
After setting my local ControlPort in the Tor settings, and connecting, 
I am able to successfully authenticate, but then I am unable to get Tor 
to recognize any other commands.

More precisely,
    cx.sendall("authenticate " + pw + "\n\r")
    s = cx.recv(1024)
    print "Tor:", s
produces the response: Tor: 250 OK

But after authentication,
    cmd = "GETINFO version\n\r"
    s = cx.recv(1024)
    print "Tor: ", s
produces, Tor: 510 Unrecognized command ""

I have also tried other commands, and none seem to be recognized.  The 
command's case also does not matter.  I have also tried injecting NL 
characters (chr(0) in python, the ascii character composed of 8 bits of 
value 0 in binary) before/after the \n\r, after the command (getinfo), 
after keyword (version).

If anyone has had previous experience, or might think they may know the 
root of the problem, I would be very grateful for any guidance / advice.

Just FYI for folks, I have been trying to follow the spec:

PS - I have set no cookie or salted hashed password for the auth, but I 
don't think effect functionality matters.

Best Regards,

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