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Alexander W. Janssen alexander.janssen at
Tue Jan 1 20:37:18 UTC 2008

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F. Fox schrieb:
> Alexander W. Janssen wrote:
>> F. Fox schrieb:
>>> [I was going to leave your quoted message in... but my Lord, is your
>>> monitor as wide as a football field?! =xoD ]
>> Since you're using Icedove, a little hint: If you go to the "Edit"-menu,
>> you'll find a nice "rewrap message" function... :-)
> (snip)
> LOL, thank you. =:o) That will come in handy in the future...

Sure! It works surprisingly well! Though I'd like to see a whitespace
between the >>>>> thingies... But I'm sure you can configure that elsewhere.

> I can't get over how wide that message was, though; usually, things are
> too *narrow* to be efficient for this monitor. It's a 1280x768 LCD
> panel... =:oD

If you look at MUAs like Outlook - they just don't wrap correct, so the
user has to type "Enter" just to make it look right. Blargh. So users
just tend to write without pressing "Enter", hoping that the receiver's
MUA wraps it correctly. Not true for Thunderbird and derivates though.

But actually it's correct - from a typographic point of view - that a
paragraph is written without individual linefeeds, but that collides
with best practise when it comes to plaintext-emails...
But I'm just being a smartass there :)

Back to topic now. And happy new year!


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