Two little questions: Whats to preferr socks4, 4a or 5? And how to setup Tor in a Lan?

Drake Wilson drake at
Thu Jan 10 14:44:53 UTC 2008

Quoth kazaam <kazaam at>, on 2008-01-10 15:35:54 +0100:
> In the standard torrc is written if sockslistenaddress is
> no other can connect to this client expect the localhost? So do I
> have for every PC in the Lan to take its IP and make a own
> sockslistenaddress-line?

No.  The SocksListenAddress is for the address of the SOCKS server,
not the address of the SOCKS client.

Example: you have through networked together. is running a Tor client.  Set SocksListenAddress to and then tell each of the other machines to use that
same address as their SOCKS proxy.

> And can I setup my Tor-Client that every pc in the lan no matter
> what IP it has, can use it?

The default is that any machine that can access the address given for
the SOCKS server can route through the Tor client.  The reason is special is because it refers specifically to the local
host from any IPv4-networked machine, so by definition, a host cannot
be accessed from anywhere outside itself as (or any of the
other predefined "loopback" addresses).

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