Two little questions: Whats to preferr socks4, 4a or 5? And how to setup Tor in a Lan?

kazaam kazaam at
Thu Jan 10 14:35:54 UTC 2008

So my first question is: If an application like an IM gives me the choice between a socks4, 4a or 5 proxy, what is preferrable?

The second one is: In a lan I can set up one Tor-client and make all other pcs use it or? I found an old tutorial about socksbindaddress within torrc but I can't find it in the manual but just sockslistenaddress. But I don't understand sockslistenaddress totally:

SocksListenAddress IP[:PORT]
              Bind to this address to listen for connections from Socks-speak‐
              ing  applications.  (Default: You can also specify a
              port (e.g.  This directive can  be  specified
              multiple times to bind to multiple addresses/ports.

In the standard torrc is written if sockslistenaddress is no other can connect to this client expect the localhost? So do I have for every PC in the Lan to take its IP and make a own sockslistenaddress-line?

Like I have 4 PCs with the IPs 1,2,3,4 . Now 1 is running a Tor-client I have to write:

SocksListenAddress         2:9050
SocksListenAddress         3:9050
SocksListenAddress         4:9050

Is this correct? Am I winning something with using another Port for different PCs? And is there any difference between:

SocksPort 9050
SocksListenAddress ?

And can I setup my Tor-Client that every pc in the lan no matter what IP it has, can use it?

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