What to do at IP number change?

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dr._no at cool.ms wrote:
|> Very true. This is one reason why I suggest only organizations (as
|> opposed to residential users) - who have the money, manpower, and other
|> resources to deal with legal issues - allow exits from any node they run.
| I think that's a bad idea because many people think that you can
identify a person
| by using the IP number and i don't want to support that myth. If
everyone would
| use tor, the only sure thing about IP numbers and identification would
be that if you
| find an IP number in an log file, you can be sure that this person
(the one who pays
| for that internet access) was NOT there!
| Another point is that without a tor server my home would be vulnerable
to traffic
| analysis and a further point is that a tor server is more safe than
only a client.

Running a middleman node can provide some level of plausible
deniability, since all strongly encrypted traffic basically looks a
pseudorandom stream.

However, running an exit node can bring quite a bit of liability. Even
if it's technically legal, it takes forever to get it cleared up; a home
user would likely get all of their equipment seized for quite some time.
Also, it's easier to steamroll a home user legally. Therefore, I think
it's quite unwise for home users to allow exits, at least at the present

This is just my opinion, though - and the one I choose to use in the
running of Kitsune-OR. If others want to take the risk, they're welcome
to; YMMV.

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