Why is TorButton and not FoxyProxy so much supported by the tor project?

kazaam kazaam at oleco.net
Wed Jan 9 19:13:20 UTC 2008

I myself am using the foxyproxy plugin and not torbutton. With foxyproxy I simply make a blacklistrule which routes evertyhing through tor and only whitelist pages I'm really trusting.

With TorButton I see many problems:
 * People use Tor and surfe the web. They then wanna visit a page they trust and switch off TorButton. On this page they visit a link or so and forget about not using tor anymore and are possibly redirected to somewhere they don't want to be visible. 
 * Someone visits a webpage he thinks he can trust without tor but the domain went down before and is now redirecting to some jerks. Something similar happend with dl.am a few weeks ago..
 * Or some xss is going on and some hostile webserver gets their IP through an iframe and kinds of that.
 * Surfing two websites, one with tor and the other not at the same time is nearly impossible with torbutton. I know I can start loading a page with torbutton and then deactivate torbutton and start loading another page and the first one still loads to the end with using tor but at the moment I wanna click a link there I'm fucked...

All these are things which you don't have to be afraid when using foxyproxy. When you leave your trusted page willing or not or some iframe comes from another domain...you are still save.

What can Torbutton better? Okay I have to confess its a bit easier to configure but also this is no great advantage. The time developing tor-button could have been used to ship a default-tor config for foxproxy. So foxyproxy isn't that hard to configure in contrast to torbutton and you could as said make it even simpler by shippen a default-tor config.

The next thing I heard about in Roger Dingledines speach at the 24c3 is that they now are going to reinvent the wheel in torbutton :) They are planning to include the feature of noscipt,cookiesafe,refcontrol and modifyheader in Torbutton. First I have to say that I'm long time waiting for all these plugins being gathered in one tool, all sharing the same white-and blacklists and so on. But will Torbutton finally have the ability to black-and whitelist pages?
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