Restrict relay to internet2

Peter Palfrader peter at
Wed Jan 9 18:03:32 UTC 2008

On Wed, 09 Jan 2008, Nathaniel Fairfield wrote:

> > It seems to me that I could do it with a lot of hairy routing rules,
> > but this would be bad because I'd be breaking circuits all the time.
> It would be really wasteful if nodes that are trying to make circuits
> through my relay don't have any way of knowing that 90% of circuits are
> going to fail (because they try to connect to an I1 node).  But maybe
> thats ok, or maybe I don't understand how circuits are constructed?

You are right, currently Tor requires each node be able to talk to every
other node.  For servers there is no way to say they only want to talk
to some other servers.

Also, you can't configure different bandwidth limits based on
destination or source IP address, AS, or AS path, and I doubt that will
be added any time soon.

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