What to do at IP number change?

dr._no at cool.ms dr._no at cool.ms
Tue Jan 8 18:56:19 UTC 2008


> | i got only a snail mail with a complaint about much spam, because i
> started with no closed port.
> | Since i closed port 25 i had no complaint since more than a year :-)
> | And with the proxy chaining of port 80 it should be fine for the next
> years.
> (snip)
> Odd; the default exit policy nowadays doesn't allow port 25 exits,
> specifically to prevent Torland from become Spamland.
> I don't know that it was back a year or two ago, though...

no bad hack; i simply commented the line with the closed (rejected) ports ;-)
And i simply wanted to see what happens with absolutely no censorship.
It's interesting to see how much my ISP cares and writes a snail mail
with suggestions for a virus scanner which also can detect trojan horses ;-)
But i think opening port 25 is a bad idea because since october 2006 
i do get more than thousand spam mails per day.


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