SORBS vs Tor and the world

TOR-Admin (gpfTOR1) tor-admin at
Mon Jan 7 23:24:31 UTC 2008

Nick Mathewson schrieb:
> It's your server.  But the last time I looked, the SORBS Tor list
> tried to include _all_ Tor servers, not just the ones that are
> configured to relay SMTP.

Not all Tor servers are listed in SORBS. I believe, the listing in
SORBS depends not on SMTP exit rules. The listed server have mostly
the message: "infected by unknown trojan/virus".

So I think, they have seen/watched a bot communication via Tor.
(may be, via IRC, I am not sure).

I changed the ExitPolicity of my node and it was delisted half a year
ago. The ports 465 and 587 were open since Dez. 2007 and SORBS did not
list my server again.


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