What to do at IP number change?

dr._no at cool.ms dr._no at cool.ms
Mon Jan 7 21:52:57 UTC 2008


> A word about obfuscation: If we run a tor node, we are as anonymous as Sta. Claus
> hiding behind sunglasses to our ISP's. 

that's clear; i'm using TOR as a mix with a transparent local http proxy which uses an ISP
proxy as parent proxy, so that the exit traffic goes through two proxies and with several numbers
in the X_FORWARDED_FOR header ;-)
That's good enough for hiding my public IP to http servers which do log only the TCP/IP number and
for most which do evaluate the X_FORWARDED_FOR header. 
And because of the mixing the ISP can't see which traffic is caused by me. So he can see a TOR server
which uses one of his proxies but not my personal traffic. For obfuscation i opened all exit ports except
25 (because of spam).

> > So i should use a DynDNS host+domain name?
> You may, but not necessarily have to. I made myself a little script catching the changed IP via mpd_linkup
> (or ppp.linkup or what you may use) and changing the Address into the new Address
> and then sends a SIGHUP to Tor. 

Ok, i will use
but what exactly shall i write into that file?
killall -s SIGHUP tor?


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