SORBS vs Tor and the world (was: List Suggestion)

xiando xiando at
Mon Jan 7 13:45:45 UTC 2008

> Ok, so that problem solves the gmail problem but pretty much every spam
> filter at least takes in the SORBS etc. databases as a factor. Thanks
> though, I'll do that.

SORBS was mentioned in Tor-talk July 2005 at WTH as downloadable from

SORBS story is that every Tor-related node, and the Internet in general, is 
very bad and must be blacklisted just to make sure that the 0.5% of the users 
who are not bad can not send any mail. Their story seems to be that if it's 
not a major ISPs mailservers IP then the IP should be blocked, just to make 

Postfix does a great job with:


and no involvement with SORBS idiots is required.

The SORBS problem has been debated again and again, you can do a quick search 
and find that many people who have no idea why they are blacklisted have a 
extremely hard time getting unlisted and well.. I'm sorry to say it, but the 
only solution is: Don't use it, and take the time to write a short e-mail 
where you explain that they block way to much to your mailserver admin if you 
do not run your own mailserver.

The four above mentioned lists do not have any of the SORBS-related issues. 
They stand out as worse-than-commie-nazi among the RBL's and there is nothing 
anyone on this list, or anyone else, can do about it except - as said - 
recommend that people don't use them.

Perhaps they will figure out that they are doing something wrong when they are 
down to two users, perhaps not.
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