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Florian Reitmeir florian at
Sun Jan 6 10:00:18 UTC 2008


On Sat, 05 Jan 2008, Ringo Kamens wrote:

> Perhaps I'm the only one with this problem but I'm pretty sure it happens to
> lots others. A fairly significant amount of the messages posted to or-talk
> are automatically sent to my spam folder by gmail. I think this is probably
> because many tor servers (which these emails are sent from) are in SORBS and
> other anti-spam databases. Since the messages from being sent to the or-talk
> email address, perhaps it would be better to have the list strip the IPs
> from people's messages? Or even better, put the IP of the mailing list
> server so that it isn't put into spam for not having an IP. It would also
> help insure the poster's privacy.
> Let me know what you all think,

i don't have this problem, and i don't use sorbs in my filters.

but.. i really do understand spamfilters, on this list its very hard to
distinguish between spam&ham, IMHO i wouldn't notice false positives in about
70% of the mails posted.

Florian Reitmeir

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