How to get the smallest OS possible to run Icecat(firefox)

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kazaam wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Dec 2007 15:37:01 -0800
> "Kyle Williams" <kyle.kwilliams at> wrote:
>> Like JanusVM?
> No JanusVM gives me an VPN to tunnel through. I wanna have an easy parallel system. Like using my normal linux system as ever and using my secured one just for surfing but this really secure.

It's not hard to set up the kind of transparently-redirecting VM I think
you're describing; I've done it with Fedora 7, but I've never tried to
optimize it for size.

You'll need:

* A development-branch copy of Tor (stable doesn't have the transparent
redirection port implemented;
* The script and directions on this page:

If you do that, though, be very careful with software downloads and
updates inside the VM. Anything that's not digitally signed, could
potentially be backdoored by an exit node.

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