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Wed Apr 23 03:51:49 UTC 2008

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This is an ongoing thing. It's a harmless error, but IMHO, one that
shouldn't happen at all. Any word on whether future versions will more
effectively deal with more-recent-than-me peers?


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Roger Dingledine wrote:
| On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 04:04:06AM +0200, sigi wrote:
|> I just updated Tor on my server to and thought, the
|> following warnings might be of interest:
| Yeah. We're going to see a lot more threads like this over the next
| several hours.
| We added a new v3 authority, and dropped a dead one. That means the
| current set of authorities doesn't agree enough about itself to produce
| a new consensus networkstatus. That will continue to be the case until
| enough of the current v3 authorities have upgraded. Which will happen,
| uhm, sometime soon I hope. :)
| --Roger
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