it is cant get tor server list

list list_yon at
Thu Nov 8 15:25:35 UTC 2007

I am using TOR windows in network LAN.  it is always can't get any 
server list. How I do it for normal work ?

log is here:

十一月 08 07:21:06.059 [Notice] Tor v0.2.0.9-alpha (r12180). This is 
experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity. (Running on 
Windows XP Service Pack 2 [workstation])
十一月 08 07:21:06.059 [Notice] Initialized libevent version 1.3e using 
method win32. Good.
十一月 08 07:21:06.059 [Notice] Opening Socks listener on
十一月 08 07:21:06.089 [Notice] Opening Control listener on
十一月 08 07:21:13.831 [Warning] Unable to load consensus directory 
dowloaded from server ''

-- yon.

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