Chroot TOR as explained on Wiki error

SPKills speedballkills at
Thu Nov 22 19:58:01 UTC 2007

Well, i got "the solution"

The reason was pretty simple... (as often...) 
In fact, the << cp `ldd $TORCHROOT/tor/bin/tor | awk '{print $3}'` 
$TORCHROOT/lib >> command didn't copy on of the essential librarie in 
the lib directy, i had to locate it then copy it myself into the lib dir.
Thx anyway for tips.


Csaba Kiraly wrote :
> SPKills wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Well, i followed instruction to chroot TOR as explained at 
>> No errors occur untill the test step where i got :
>>       debian:/home/user/tor- chroot $TORCHROOT /tor/bin/tor
> In this line you have a "space", i.e. chroot gets 2 parameters:
> $TORCHROOT will be the root of the directory seen by the program
> /tor/bin/tor is the program that should be executed ... but you don't 
> have this file
>>       chroot: cannot run command `/tor/bin/tor': No such file or 
>> directory
>> Execute $TORCHROOT/tor/bin/tor works fine...
> this is one parameter, and you do have the file under
> $TORCHROOT/tor/bin/tor
>> Any ideas ?
> chroot $TORCHROOT $TORCHROOT/tor/bin/tor
> Csaba
> ps.: I did not try it, just a guess ;)

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