seeking boston area office volunteer

Shava Nerad shava at
Sat Jan 6 22:27:17 UTC 2007

Hi!  I'm seeking a volunteer in the Boston area who can do 
administrivial bits (data entry, running reports, thank-you emails 
for donations), possibly a little light scripting (to save data entry 
and such), and various grunt work for a good cause, here at the new 
home office in Somerville, MA.

We're on a couple bus lines, and I keep weird enough hours to 
accomodate most schedules.  Bunches of stuff could be done telecommuting.

High reliability and trustworthiness required, good English language 
skills (and other languages welcome!) and computer literacy.

Office comes with small friendly dog, in case you are allergic.

Please contact me directly if you'd like to help out the Tor Project 
in this less technical, but highly necessary and useful way!


Shava Nerad
Executive Director
The Tor Project
shava at
+1 617-776-2659
+1 617-767-6735 (cell)
skype:  shava23 

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