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John Kimble det.j.kimble at
Mon Feb 12 14:06:54 UTC 2007

On 2/12/07, giorgio m <begiorgio at> wrote:
> First of all, thanks for your polite and fast answer.
> To simplify the problem, I say that I would like to do this:
> perl_script-> tor -> standard_http_proxy -> web_site
> I want the web site to see the ip of the standard_http_proxy, not the tor ip.
> Do you think that it is possible to do this?
> Thanks in advance.


Perhaps a contraption like this may work:
1. Install SocksCap / Freecap / tsocks and set it up to use Tor
2. Set your browser to use standard_http_proxy as your HTTP proxy
3. Launch your browser over SocksCap / Freecap / tsocks

With luck, SocksCap / Freecap / tsocks will intercept the TCP
connection your browser tries to make to the HTTP proxy, and tunnel it
through Tor.

As Fabian said earlier, this reduces the anonymity that Tor tries to
give you, so whatever reason it is that you want to set things up this
way, please make sure the reason isn't more security or anonymity.

- John

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