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Mon Feb 12 12:27:26 UTC 2007

"giorgio m" <begiorgio at> wrote:

> I've set up the proxy in firefox in order to connect to tor, and it
> works well, now I would like to do this:
> my_pc -> tor -> proxy_choosen_by_me:port->www_page

May I ask why?
> but if I type in the address bar of firefox:
> http://proxy_choosen_by_me:port/www_page
> I get nothing....

What kind of proxy is "proxy_choosen_by_me"?

I'm not aware of a proxy standard that would work
the way you described. It certainly wouldn't work
with HTTP forwarding proxies.

And while I'm not sure, I also believe that
Firefox can't access other HTTP proxies through
socks proxies anyway.

If that's true, you need an additional proxy
before Tor, for example:

Firefox -> Privoxy -> Tor -> another HTTP proxy -> web site

would work.

Most of the time, however, using a proxy after Tor makes
no sense as it usually reduces your anonymity level again
(the IP address the target website sees doesn't change).

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