problems setting up a relay node on win XP

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Sun Feb 11 22:52:24 UTC 2007

On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 11:35:48PM +0100, Stephen wrote:
> Thank-you Michael & Ringo for your advice!
> Michael: I've followed your advice re: opening ports on the hub & doubled-checked some other issues you highlighted. Well, the vidalia message log says "Self-testing indicates your ORPort is reachable from the outside" and now a bandwidth self-test is underway, a seemingly lengthy process (2.3 hrs so far) I'm assuming that this is normal? My node is now acknowledged in the tor servers list. Thanks again for taking the time to help!

It takes quite a while until your node becomes more heavily used. Tor
clients take your node's uptime into account when considering whether or
not to route through it. Higher uptime indicates a more stable node,
which will get more traffic.

In other words, everything's fine, just sit tight for a day or two :).
Thanks for helping the Tor network!


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