Tor in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Andrew Del Vecchio firefox-gen at
Fri Feb 9 17:30:57 UTC 2007

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I'm the only Tor user that I know of at my U. A friend of mine used to
as well but she wasn't technically adept enough to reinstall it after
a reformat. Incidentally, I also run an exit node on breaks.


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On 02/09/2007 12:40 AM, Brian C wrote:
> Very interesting article.  Given the heavy-handedness of the network
> admins there, I wouldn't be surprised if we hear about a protest
> movement to make Bowling Green University the campus with the highest
> percentage use of Tor of any University...  At one point there was a
> Bowling Green Student Linux Users Group, but I don't know if they still
> exist.  Don't make the geeks angry...
> nile at wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I was just linked to an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education
>> about Tor:
>> An assistant professor at Bowling Green State University is confronted
>> by the university's network people about his use and advocacy of Tor.
>> He's a bit lax with the technical details, but it's interesting to see
>> Tor in a mainstream publication :).
>> Nile
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