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Sadly, one of the links isn't working so I don't know if I can help
you with this. Do you have something like this in mind:

It shows the IP, the hostname, and the used browser. If that is what
you have in mind, simple php should do the trick.


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Robert Hogan schrieb:
> On Thursday 21 December 2006 18:36, Robert Hogan wrote:
>> On Thursday 21 December 2006 05:19, you wrote:
>>> Good idea.  We will work on getting a page available on
>>> to do this - maybe something like
>>> with just the relevant data
>>> for new Tor users.
>>> . . . Wesley Kenzie WebMaster
>> Sounds great, looking forward to it!
>> I'll direct TorK users to it once it's up and running.
> Has anyone had any further thoughts on this?
> Wesley, have you thought of creating a chopped-down version of
> that concentrates on the browser/OS properties (such
> as javascript) as well as displaying geographical info?
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>>> page
>>> Hi all,
>>> All of the above provide useful information for the first-time
>>> tor user. But
>>> the last two are only really meaningful to initates (and
>>> probably confusing to everyone else), while the first is
>>> reassuring but could really offer a little more.
>>> What is needed (IMVHO) is a page that confirms you are using
>>> tor successfully, but also introduces you to the other services
>>> that tor offers and also some advice for the tor debutante. A
>>> sort of official or unofficial 'welcome to the tor network'
>>> page. This could be linked to in the FAQ/INSTALL and used by
>>> controllers/front-ends.
>>> Would the maintainers of any of the above be interested in
>>> providing such a thing? Given that the heavy lifting has
>>> already been done on all of the above, it would be very trivial
>>> to create. Would there be an appetite for such a thing on the
>>> tor homepage itself?
>>> Suggestions for content:
>>> * A warm greeting! * Top Five things all tor users should know
>>> * Appeal for users to run servers and link to how-to * An
>>> introduction to some hidden services
>>> Anyway, just a thought...
>>> Robert

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