problems setting up a relay node on win XP

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Feb 28 22:24:55 UTC 2007

On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 11:35:48PM +0100, Stephen wrote:
> Michael: I've followed your advice re: opening ports on the hub &
>doubled-checked some other issues you highlighted. Well, the vidalia
>message log says "Self-testing indicates your ORPort is reachable from the
>outside" and now a bandwidth self-test is underway, a seemingly lengthy
>process (2.3 hrs so far) I'm assuming that this is normal? My node is
>now acknowledged in the tor servers list. Thanks again for taking the
>time to help!

The bandwidth self-test is actually instantaneous: it just sends
out some bytes right then, and sees how they fare.

I've changed the log message from
  Performing bandwidth self-test.
  Performing bandwidth self-test...done.

Hopefully that will help. :)


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