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I'm doing a LOT of trimming on this reply.

>  Yes, and this is, given the limits of technology, best left to the
>  realm of The Good Lord to handle ( the rules are in The Bible if only
>  people would abide by them.  There is something that the vast majority
>  of people fail to take into consideration, and that is the fact that
>  evil exists in this world.  It does, and while we cannot endorse it,
>  or go along with it, we do have to tolerate it in as much as we cannot
>  prevent it without actually hurting ourselves in the process
>  (reference the quote of Thomas Paine).

Please, take a second look at this statement. I'm not taking this out
of context.

Yes, we cannot prevent someone else's ability to make a choice,
without that coming back and restricting our choices. Absolutely.

You have chosen to say "The Bible has the rules of The Good Lord".
That's your choice.

You are choosing to say all of the following:
1. The God of Abraham is Lord.
2. The God of Abraham is God.
3. The God of Abraham is Good. (Job, Jonah, and Ester come to mind.)
4. The rules given to the generations from Abraham to Moses still apply today.
5. The guidelines and interpretations of those, as expressed by
prophets up til about 200 BC (old testament), or up til about 100 AD
(new testament), or by male rulers who kicked women out of the ruling
class through about 400 AD (Roman catholic church), or ..., are in
fact valid and appropriate in 2010 AD.
6. Any advice / prophets / instructions given to anyone else are
invalid. (See: Muslim, Taoist, etc).

While it is your choice to say all of those (and I do not agree with
all of them), as soon as you say that everyone else "should" do these,
or even apply the label "evil" to anyone that disagrees with you, or
otherwise try to say "This is proper, that is not", you are in
violation of the very right of choice.

"He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy
from oppression". Forcing all those views about God on another is

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