Norwegian DNS compromized

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Wed Feb 28 14:32:51 UTC 2007

You better BET that if anyone is against censorship, then I AM in a FIRST LINE!
Being free and anonym is a main reason why I like Tor, so I could get rid of those greedy I-see-all govs eyes.

But even THIS world MUST have some rules.
Do you have rules in your own house where you live?
Imagine it without them.

Now, I personally don't care if someone use Tor to hack someone, rob a bank online, commit credit card fraud, or hack any other site... or anything similar.
Main reason/point is because ALL those targets have ABILITY to actually DO defend themselves!

Poor kids DON'T!!!

And solving this problem by simply shouting out "I am neutral I just care for Tor" and dare to consider problem solved is totally stupid and SELFISH act.

Even I AGREE that censorship is NOT a solution to this problem, because it would cripple Tor, so Tor wouldn't be what it was meant to be from beginning.

Point is that pedophiles are on OUR territory once they are here which doesn't mean we need to report them to authorities (and choose one side in a process how some are claiming).
We can nail them silently by ourselves, and make theirs life a hell in a process.
Rob them, hack them, expose them (to theirs relatives, newspapers, anonym "vocie" to police etc..)..., you name it! 
All options are opened... and in this process we don't need to abide to any laws.

It's here! Your new message!
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