Really strange interface behavior

Ringo Kamens 2600denver at
Mon Feb 5 04:32:41 UTC 2007

Are you using ndiswrapper for your ethernet cards? I'm on the same
kernel with no problems. Are your network interfaces just eth0, eth1,
and lo?
Ringo Kamens

On 2/4/07, Matt Glaves <matt at> wrote:
> Tonight I made a change to my TOR node and am perplexed as to why it is
> acting in this manner. I'm not actually sure why it is even working :)
> Eth0:  New TOR Interface (  This was previously a
> subinterface aka eth1:1
> Eth1:  Webserver/Mailserver/etc Interface - This is a separate
> netblock/vlan.  Call it for this example.
> I have the following set in torrc
> Address
> OutboundBindAddress
> Although netstat only shows TOR connections on the address
> and zero listening/open connections on (other than the
> listening web/email processes) my traffic is being split between the
> interfaces.  eth0 is only the inbound TOR traffic, and eth1 is only the
> outbound TOR traffic.  My node is currently doing about 4.5Mbit and I
> have 4.5Mbit coming in eth0 and 4.5Mbit going out eth1.
> Anyone running a similar setup or had similar wierdness?  I am running
> under linux.
> thanks,
> matt

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