Norwegian DNS compromized

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Tue Feb 27 21:03:13 UTC 2007

On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 09:19:36PM +0100, Lasse Øverlier wrote:

> If we already stop spam and bittorrent I think this is much worse!

I disagree (as a parent, and a Tor operator who got a BKA case about
pedophilia on his hands, which is still open -- at least there is yet 
no usual offical letter declaring it closed, so I take that as a negative). 

Here's why. There's no evidence that access to pedophilia pornography increases 
abuse rate of the kids. These are your normal garden-variety paraphiliacs. 
Mostly quite harmless, and quite incurable. If a known offender, best put on a watch list.
Most of the abuse cases occur within the circle of relatives. Since the making of
the material (unless it's completely CGI) involves hurting kids, that is clearly
something which needs to be persecuted. Howevever, arguably it is possible
to trace the social network to the producer nodes in the classical gumshoe 
and (hardware) bug strategy. Especially, if monetary streams are concerned.
Tracing these back is never particularly difficult (in fact, my own dear country is
perhaps leading in that respect by financial operators voluntarily turning over
their transaction records (on a nice request, not a judge warrant) for some 20 million
credit card customers, matching a transfer of a particular sum to a particular 
account -- while being vigorously denied being a dragnet investigation, despite
the query being exactly that like a database data-mining query, only
using an institutional API). This is a feel-good strategy. Let's publicly
nail a few widely hated perverts, while studiously avoiding spending some funds, 
and sending social workers to the families, where most of the cases, and mostly 
unreported, too, lie.

Also, the real question we really have to ask ourselves is: 
how much of "guilty until proven innocent" can an open society stand, before becoming 
something else?

My impression is that most of our western democracies well on their way to 
becoming something else. Hardly a day passes at which I'm not cringing at the
news. (Today was a notable exception). We really don't need to catch a roaring
case of Brinworld, leading us all directly into the Emergents (Vinge) local
pessimum. Look it up. You will probably not like it. 

As such I salute all you exit node Tor operators, which takes serious
cojones de latón nowadays. Kudos.

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