building pages with tor in mind

Bryan Fordham bfordham at
Tue Feb 27 15:43:08 UTC 2007

I'm seeking some opinions on best practices for creating web pages with Tor
users in mind. Specifically for the Tor Map Project, though I don't think it
really matters.

I know flash, javascript, and cookies can all be used to compromise
anonymity. I have no intention of using these in such a manner, but of
course I have to assume many of my users will have them disabled.

So, my question: Should I not use them at all, or simply have the site still
function without them? Specifically I'm thinking of javascript, which can
make some things on the map I'm developing much nicer.

I'm thinking it's fine to use scripts, etc, as long as you don't lock out
people for not using them. This is a general accessibility guideline. But do
opinions change when we toss Tor into the mix?

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