Really strange interface behavior

Matt Glaves matt at
Mon Feb 5 04:20:39 UTC 2007

Tonight I made a change to my TOR node and am perplexed as to why it is 
acting in this manner. I'm not actually sure why it is even working :)

Eth0:  New TOR Interface (  This was previously a 
subinterface aka eth1:1
Eth1:  Webserver/Mailserver/etc Interface - This is a separate 
netblock/vlan.  Call it for this example.

I have the following set in torrc

Although netstat only shows TOR connections on the address 
and zero listening/open connections on (other than the 
listening web/email processes) my traffic is being split between the 
interfaces.  eth0 is only the inbound TOR traffic, and eth1 is only the 
outbound TOR traffic.  My node is currently doing about 4.5Mbit and I 
have 4.5Mbit coming in eth0 and 4.5Mbit going out eth1. 

Anyone running a similar setup or had similar wierdness?  I am running under linux.



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