"Re: ISP controlling entry/exti" ("Low-Resource Routing Attacks Against Anonymous Systems")

Joe Dom joelondon at fmail.co.uk
Mon Feb 26 19:49:17 UTC 2007

GENTILES PLEASE NOTE: From Jon Doe (or-talk account terminated 17:00

[But not Tony <Tony at tdrmail.co.uk> who continued to troll my posts to
the end!] 

matej wrote,

>Hum, yes. But the real conspiracy is when Jews hide themselves under 
"John Doe".

Yea, sure, I'm the conspirator, lonesome me and I hide as well, thats a
biggy there, eh.  

>Sorry, I think it is better Tor network is completely runned by Jews by 
>than Neonazists.

and pedofiles and anti-jews and conspiracy nutters etc etc... yea... you
just need some way of slandering me! That did it - no doubt about it!

>BTW: That kind of stupid propaganda is very dangerous for the idea of 
>Tor. We need Tor to enhance freedom of speech in nondemocratic 
>countries. We do support freedom of speech and democracy - and not 
>terrorists, paedophiles or neonazists.

"Freedom of speech" is when a person can expect a decent intelligent
reply rather that this devious kneejerk dirge.

Tor will not have ANY respect if its only being used by jews as a
honeypot. Thats why I explained the problem and asked some serious

Instead, I got trolled and banned, becuase I dared tell the gentiles
about the Troll's little tricks and  then you an "honest joe" come along
and put your dainty little foot right in it.

Get off your fat lazy ass and a trip to www.iamthewitness.com and take a
look at the evidence.

Dont tell people "it will be all right guys" and dont lead your own kind
to their slaughter like a stubborn billy goat does to his own. You are
kept slaves, take it from me. At any time they can destroy any one of
you. But what they must not do is let you understand the full horror of
it all.

Advise your kind to check it for themselves and to make their own mind
up. Dont blinker them with words of derision. Make an intelligent
response. Get a dialog going and commit yourslef to finding out the
truth. Dont frightem them away by stories of "Holocaust", "Nazis",
"Conspircy nuts". It was jews who put out most of the conspiracy
theories, to smokescreen the real conspiracy, their conspiracy.

Do gentiles run your newspapers, TV stations, internet companies, film
studios, music industry. Did you even bother to check before you shot
your mouth off?

I am certain, that if gentiles throw off their media conditioning, and
begin to think the unthinkable they will find a whole new world out
there unexplored by them, which when they sit down and consider things
they will suddenly realize why things happen the way they do.

Today gentiles go around puzzled, with feelings if deceipt and
disatisfaction from all areas of public life. When they finally see the
light they will know why this happens. Its not a mystery, its because
jews run and want it that way. Whether to make money or make war on an
enemy, to bring one of their political armies to the fore or remove a
long time political obstacle.

ALL I say is give it a try. Think outside the box they've got you in!

Peace - Jon
  Joe Dom
  joelondon at fmail.co.uk

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