ISP controlling entry/exti ("Low-Resource Routing Attacks Against Anonymous Systems")

Jon Doe thew0tcher at
Mon Feb 26 16:27:59 UTC 2007

Tony wrote:
> I was referencing Israel from your rant - commonly
accepted to meet the description of a 'terrorist
state' by the likes of Amnesty International and
others - my own opinion isnt really relevant.

Well your word were "plenty of terrorist states" not
"plenty of 
terrorist state"  which makes no sense.

So you weren't referring to Israel. So dont try to
change your storyline 
> Cant say I agree with anything else that you have to
say though.

Well thats a surprise. (err sarcasm)
> In particular you are apparently confusing Borat
with his creator.
Please don't split hairs, it only creates muddy the
water, is that why 
you did that?.

>  And Jews with Zionists.
I know exactly what I'm talking about. I am one (jew
that is). By pusing 
the line "blame zionism" jews are just creating a
"bail out" clause for 
themselves if everything blows up in their face.

People should read the on line UK Guardian paper's
forum, if they want 
to check it out.

2 weeks ago a prominent jew stated on that forum to
discussions over 
zionists that 98% of all jews are zionists! That near
as damn it all of 
them. So there's no need to distinguish.

And also "zionists" includes some non-jewish groups
who have been duped 
into supporting zionism. Once they realize the
deception they wont be 
"zionists" anymore.

So once again, you are splitting hairs, more mud.

Gentiles must face up and bite the bullet. They are
going to have to be 
proud be anti-jewish to survive. We can all  talk
about and discuss 
methods once gentiles have control of the world back
in their own hands.

We can make sure that interrogation, prosecution and
sentencing does not 
turn into persecution.

We can video, document and digitize it all for
posterity and be judged 
by our peers for all our actions. 


The fish are biting. 
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